IMIA Committees facilitate the general operations as well as events.  Committees include:

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications Committee produces and distributes IMIA messages via its website and social media accounts.  This includes its Newsletter, Blog, and website content.

Event Planning

The Event Planning Committee facilitates the creation of each of the IMIA Meetup events throughout the country.  This Committee will include many new members to help plan new events in exciting, new geographies.

Membership Engagement

The Membership Engagement Committee works with new and experienced members alike, collecting feedback from members and ensuring they are getting the most value from the association.  The committee  also helps ensure that members are having adequate opportunities to engage and support the association.

Organizational Management and Accounting

The association’s financial and other operational aspects are managed by the Organizational Management and Accounting Committee.  They team up with the Membership Engagement Committee to ensure member responsibilities are being met, and produce the financial reports to ensure financial transparency of the Association.


The Sponsorship Committee works with supporting organizations to ensure they have ample opportunities to highlight their brands at IMIA events and via IMIA channels, like the IMIA blog, website, and newsletter.