Here are some of the presentations made at the Asia Pacific Conference in Melbourne.

National Geospatial Program Presentation
Ron Lofton, Chief of Staff – Geospatial Technical Operations Center, USGS

Keynote Presentation – Queensland’s Approach to the Complex Challenge of Flooding
Graeme Milligan, Project Director, Dept Natural Resources & Mines Qld

Seeking Common Ground in the Cloud
Hiroki Gota, Senior Technical Lead, Spatial Vision

Power of Location
Jan Simpson – JS Simpson Consulting

Apps & web solutions with OpenSource
Mani Singh – CEO, NextByte Technologies

The New Age of Real-Time GIS
Simon Jackson – Consultant, Esri Australia

Queensland’s Open Spatial Data Revolution
Steve Jacoby – Executive Director, Land & Spatial Information, Dept of Natural Resources & Mines Queensland

Who’s afraid of Neo-Geography
Maurits van der Vlugt – Mercury Project Solutions

Mapping the New Zealand Great Walks
Roger Smith – Geographx

Power of Location – Powered by Crowd Sourcing
Simarprit Singh – Compare Infobase Ltd

The National Map
Tim Neal – Director Data Access, Department of Communications

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