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Be Trendy. Understand Where Your Business Fits In.

By Ted Florence, Avenza Systems Inc.

Entrepreneur, April 03, 2014 


In the process of building a business, an entrepreneur is often faced with making tough decisions on a regular basis. When confronted with a transforming landscape, what is the best way to see a trend and evolve your business to grow with it?
Challenged with this issue more than five years ago, I saw paper-map publishers facing a digital future where they would struggle to compete with the likes of Google Maps and digital devices. Their future — which comprises a part of my industry and livelihood — was facing a transition, and I saw a trend of paper maps being transformed into digital maps and a way to even the playing field for companies that had previously only offered paper maps. 
Fast-forward a few years, and paper-map publishers are now embracing the technology they once found as a hindrance; they are still finding a firm footing in a digital world, but they now have a direction and are moving forward.
So what are the lessons for an entrepreneur operating during a time of transition? Trends are important and can be worked to your advantage. Having an understanding of where your industry is heading can greatly influence your business; you can expand and potentially fill a need that currently isn’t there. Follow these tips:
1. Believe in what you are doing. And push to see your idea through, even if faced with resistance. I’m sure Steve Jobs at one point encountered resistance with his ideas for the Macintosh when personal computer technology was still in its infancy and PCs dominated homes and offices. But he powered on through to see his ideas come to fruition.
His legacy to “think different” has inspired many to break from the norm and follow their own pursuits. Consider that as you try to make things happen and see your idea through.


Related: How to Capture a Trend-Setting Business Idea


2. “Predict” the future. Entrepreneurs are not fortune-tellers but more than likely they are good at foreseeing a potential issue confronting their business and their industry.


Have this conversation: My company may be doing well now, but how is the industry changing? What do my customers want? Will technology drive or hinder my business? And more importantly, where will my business fit in?


Effective entrepreneurs have companies that have a purpose beyond today. By “predicting” the future or at least trying to, entrepreneurs lay the groundwork for understanding and solving issues that can impede growth (not just for themselves but others as well), which ultimately makes them successful.


3. Follow through. You’ve started the journey from seeing a trend to realizing it. Unfortunately, however, it’s not a road well traveled but rather one paved with failure. The ability to see a belief through and act on a trend lies in understanding that rejection from naysayers, investors and even friends is part of the process.

Pick your battles and know when to concede. Your presentation or technique in achieving a goal may be off target. So revise it as needed but always know that there are several different strategies for how to capitalize on a trend.


4. Extend your network. The desire and ability to learn is key for entrepreneurship and is one of the biggest highlights of starting your own business and idea. I joined boards and became a mentor to several startups as a way to learn about new and trending ideas. This helped and encouraged me in my plan to create a new platform for my existing business. This opened my eyes to the way others think, which can spark ideas and also allowed me to hire bright people and connect to others in new ways.


5. Read about your industry. People often forget that there is a wealth of knowledge in content. I religiously read books, magazines and online publications about map publishing and technology. Knowledge about competitors and the overall landscape helped me create a plan and also encouraged my thinking about creating a way to form a digital marketplace for paper map publishers. 


There are also news apps that can aggregate information. Take advantage of technology that can streamline the gathering of content that’s relevant to you and track other influential executives who are looking to move the meter in your industry.


6. Don’t be afraid to ask about trends. What better way is there to identify a trend than to hear directly from customers about what they see? I also tapped into my network and sampled ideas and approaches while constantly talking about the future of the industry with people in the field.


Do you feel like you’re the first to recognize a trend on the horizon? Use your extended network to get the conversation going because other like-minded folks probably share your concerns but just haven’t voiced their thoughts yet.


Ted Florence is the president of Avenza Systems Inc. and is a director on the IMIA Americas Board. The Toronto, Canada company develops, markets and supports computer software products and royalty-free map data for the mapping geographic information industries. 



ITMB Publishing Ltd. and Stellanova GmbH  Have Formed a New Business – Stellanova International GmbH (SI) 


ITMB Publishing Ltd. and Stellanova GmbH are pleased to announce the formation of a new business. Stellanova International GmbH is a new business manufacturing and marketing high-quality globes in Europe. Based in Wolfratshausen, Germany, SI, as it is known in short form, is developing automated production facilities for manufacturing globes within the EU. This will be the first new production facility inside Europe in a generation.


ITMB is the largest publisher of travel maps in the world with almost 500 titles in print. It was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1980 as a retail venture, then expanded into importation and publishing as demand grew. ITMB also publishes a range of inflatable and desk-top globes and a growing line of compact travel atlases.


Andreas Pachler founded Stellanova GmbH and Stellanova HK with his mother, Ingrid Limani, 26 years ago as a marketing company promoting a range of globe designs that were then manufactured by reliable contractors and supplied to customers from Hong Kong. Stellanova operated successfully as a family partnership between mother and son for many years. During 2013, Ingrid expressed her desire to retire from business to concentrate on other ventures close to her and Andreas was faced with carrying on by himself or in conjunction with a partner. As a result of negotiations over the past several months, Stellanova and ITMB are pleased to announce the creation of a brand new opportunity to revitalize the cartographic industry by moving globes into the inter-active age.


The General Manager of SI is Andreas Pachler, the former sales manager and part-owner of Stellanova. The Board of SI consists of the owners of ITMB, Jack and Lan Joyce, and Andreas Pachler. Existing clients of Stellanova will not notice immediate changes to the line of globes, as the focus of SI is to create a production facility that will take several months to complete. However, the purpose of SI is to continue to create and produce high-quality globes for sale to traditional customers as well as to utilize evolving technology to create new and innovative globe designs that will refresh the world market for globes. Initially, SI hopes to be able to manufacture 1,000 globes per day, once the new machinery is in place and tested.


By manufacturing in Europe, those EU customers who have ordered Stellanova globes in the past will experience shorter turn-around times and reduced shipping costs. Having production facilities permanently in Europe will also open emerging markets in eastern Europe, as SI is able to produce globes using several languages. As Stellanova has enjoyed cordial relations with partners internationally for many years in many parts of the world, SI wishes to extend the promise of cordial relations to our many distributors and retailers for many years into the future.


Stellanova International is an ambitious project, using the best talent of two of the leading cartographic firms in the world, uniting Europe, America and Asia into a truly international marketing organization with global reach, combining experience, expertise, and brand name recognition into a new venture and combining the best of the past with the best approach for the future.


As of February 1st, 2014, all globes previously marketed by Stellanova or Pro-Globe are now marketed by Stellanova International GmbH. Orders received after this date are being processed by SI, and all unsold Stellanova globes in our warehouse are the property of SI. All copyrights, patents, trade marks, and other intellectual property now rests with SI. Orders for Stellanova Globes should continue to be placed with Andreas in Germany, as SI operates independently of ITMB. This new development opens many opportunities for marketing globes worldwide. Much of 2014 will be occupied with restructuring the direction of activity towards production in Europe, with plans for an assembly plant in Asia early in 2015.


Up-to-Date Satellite Imagery Map  
Geocarto International Centre Limited

Up-to-Date Satellite Imagery Map of Any City at 1:100,000 or smaller scale can be generated from Landsat-8 satellite data of 15-m resolution and processed by Geocarto International Centre Limited according to your design and requirements at competitive price.


Landsat-8 is an American Earth observation satellite launched on February 11, 2013. Imaging the entire Earth every 16 days, it captures approximately 400 scenes a day, with each scene covering an area of 170 km x 180 km.


This satellite imagery is available free for public applications. It can be used to produce innovative satellite imagery maps. Geocarto International Centre has been in the remote sensing field since 1985 to use satellite data for various applications, including map production.


The latest edition of “Hong Kong from Space” satellite imagery map is produced at 1:100,000 scale, using Landsat-8 data acquired in December 2013. The size is 22″ x 32″ (56cm x 84cm).


Hong Kong from Space







With Landsat-8 satellite data, we can produce up-to-date imagery maps of any city in the world at a scale up to 1:100,000 according to your design / specifications. 








Geocarto also produces stunning 3D lenticular prints, which do not need special glasses for viewing. A new series of glasses-free 3D lenticular prints under production is “Cities of the World in 3D” in the size of 16″ x 20″ (41cm x 51cm). Included in this series are the cities of Hong Kong, San Francisco, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, etc.


San Francisco in 3D  








This is one of the imagery in a series of Cities of the World from Space in stunning 3D, 16″ x 20″ (41cm x 51cm) in size. It is glasses-free and does not need any viewing aid to get the 3D effect. We can generate 3D satellite imagery map to show any city / area using Landsat-8 data. 











Presently, the Centre is an authorized distributer of high resolution satellite data provided by DigitalGlobe of the USA and Astrium of France. Geocarto International Centre Ltd is a member of the International Map Industry Association and a sustaining member of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.


For further information, please visit the following links:


Geocarto International Centre (GIC), established in 1985 in Hong Kong, is the predecessor of Geocarto International Centre Ltd. incorporated in September 2011. The centre aims at promoting multi-disciplinary research in and applications of Remote Sensing, GIS, Geoscience, and Cartography through (1) publication of scientific and professional periodicals, books, images, and maps; (2) distribution services for publishers of these subjects, (3) organization of exhibitions on Remote Sensing & GIS, (4) marketing of satellite data (digital and photographic products) and image processing software for research projects and practical applications, and (5) provision of technical advice and image processing services to customers in the application of Remote Sensing technologies.


GIC is the only organization in Asia that performs such an integrated function in promoting Remote Sensing technologies. Its quarterly journal, Geocarto International, has publicized several commercial earth observation satellites by publishing special

issues, such as SPOT (Vol. 1, No. 3, 1986), Landsat TM (Vol. 5, No. 1, 1990), RADARSAT (Vol. 10, No. 3, 1995), and ADEOS (Vol. 12, No. 4, 1997). Geocarto International was published by GIC for 20 years from 1986 to 2006. Effective from January 1st, 2007, this journal is published and distributed by Taylor and Francis in the United Kingdom. 


National Geographic’s Cartographic Typefaces

Our maps have long been known for their distinctive typefaces. But few outside the Society know little of the history that lies behind them.

Until the early 1930s, most of our maps were hand-lettered-a slow and tedious process requiring great patience and even greater skill. An alternate process-that of setting names in movable type, pulling an impression on gummed paper that was then pasted down on the map-often yielded less than durable or clearly readable type.


The Society’s first Chief Cartographer, Albert H. Bumstead, believed the answer lied in photo-graphic type. Laboring long  hours in his home workshop, he discovered that existing typefaces did not lend themselves to Society standards: our map enlargement and reduction factors often caused small hairline letters to break up while larger block letters tended to fill up. To this end, he invented a machine for composing map type photographically that ultimately improved overall type legibility. Once this photolettering process was refined, it was applied to our United States map supplement in the May 1933 National Geographic.


Shortly thereafter, Society cartographer Charles E. Riddiford was tasked with designing typefaces with much improved photomechanical reproductive qualities. He devised a set so attractive and legible that these typefaces are still used (in a digital format) today. These patented fonts were designed with the purpose of reflecting, as well as accentuating designated map features. If you study our reference maps and atlases closely, it’s quite evident that every feature is associated with a specific typeface. Color and typographic weight (from light to bold) further adds to this distinction.


Juan José Valdés
The Geographer
Director of Editorial and Research
National Geographic Maps


London Book Fair

Sandy Hill, Andreas Pachler, Janusz Przeorek, and Hans Niemeyer
Mani Singh
David McIlhagga



GIS People Wins Prestigious IT Champion Award




GIS People, a Brisbane-based high-tech start-up company, has won the title of Information Technology Champion at the Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2014.


GIS People fended off some stiff competition from across the country to come out top in the IT category, making it one of only two Queensland-based companies to win at the Awards this year.


The Australian Small Business Champion Awards celebrates the most outstanding businesses in Australia for the role that they play in the economic development of the country. It is the only national recognition program for Australian small businesses. The Awards Founder, Steve Loe, was quick to congratulate GIS People: “This victory illustrates the outstanding quality of your business … I know the role that energy, enthusiasm and dedication play in building a successful small business; it is very rewarding to see these traits represented by your business.”


Held on Saturday 5th April in Sydney, the Awards Ceremony saw a variety of small businesses from across Australia honoured in front of 900 attendees for their innovative ideas, products and services. GIS People’s partners from Mercury Project Solutions accepted the Award on behalf of the proud company.


Managing Director of GIS People, Igor Stjepanovic, said of the achievement, “GIS People is delighted to be the recipient of this Award and it is a great testament to all the hard work and commitment of the team at GIS People, as well as to the support of our clients and partners. Thank you to all those who have helped shape GIS People’s success over the past few years.”


He added, “We are extremely excited about the future. We look forward to further growing the company, and to helping make Brisbane an internationally renowned hub for technology and innovation.”


About GIS People

GIS People is a forward-thinking geospatial solutions company. They specialise in assisting organisations with their GIS (Geographic Information Systems) requirements, helping enhance business growth through advanced location-driven services. Virtually all businesses these days produce or acquire data that has a spatial/location component, and when utilised correctly this data can be of immense benefit. GIS People makes location intelligence affordable to all organisations.



Deborah Hide

Communications Consultant at GIS People

Tel: 0405 573203



2014 – 2015 William & Heintz Cruising Guides


William & Heintz


Williams & Heintz Map Corporation, a specialist in map printing, production and folding is pleased to announce the 2014 – 2015 Williams & Heintz Cruising Guides. New this year, the nautical chart books come with links to take you to an App, to access the charts on iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Individual charts can be purchased separately from PDF Maps on I-Tunes or Google Play. PDF Maps Makes it easy to interact with the Williams & Heintz Nautical Charts on your iOS and android devices.


“Printed paper maps will always be part of mapping. The App is not replacing printed products; it complements the printed charts. The app uses GPS for locating, measuring, plotting points, importing and exporting points. This spatially referenced map shows exactly where you are. And with the paper chart, you know where you’re going.” said Holly Heintz Budd, President and CEO of Williams & Heintz Map Corporation.


Williams & Heintz Map Corporation has been printing maps for entrepreneurs, government agencies and map publishers since 1921. They combine the highest quality pre-press, printing, folding with industry leading knowledge and customer service. Williams and Heintz printed the very first Guide for Cruising Maryland Waters beginning in the early 1960’s for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Now, we publish it under the title of Maryland Cruising Guide. This complete chartbook includes over 50 insets of rivers and harbors.


For additional information about Williams & Heintz Map Corporation, please visit

For additional information about the Virginia and Maryland Cruising Guides, please visit


Esri Press Receives Prestigious Publishing Award from the AAG


esri logo  Esri was honored with the prestigious AAG Publication Award at the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting on April 12. Past recipients include the University of Chicago Press and Rand McNally and Company. The AAG newsletter states, “This AAG Publication Award is conferred on Esri in recognition of exceptional and outstanding contributions to geography through a vigorous and prolific publication program.”


Esri Press is a department within Esri, the leading developer of geographic information system (GIS) software. The department was created in 1984 and since then has published more than 100 books on geography-related topics, including specialized map books, textbooks, and books about the science and application of GIS technology. In addition, it has reissued cartography classics including Arthur Robinson’s The Look of Maps: An Examination of Cartographic Design, Eduard Imhof’s Cartographic Relief Presentation, and Jacques Bertin’s Semiology of Graphics: Diagrams, Networks, Maps.


“I am very proud that Esri Press has been honored by the Association of American Geographers with this award,” says Peter Adams, Esri Press department manager. “It reinforces my belief that our efforts really are making a difference in this strategic field.”


For more information about Esri Press or to download its current catalog, please visit


About Esri Press
Esri Press publishes books on GIS, cartography, and related topics. The complete selection of GIS titles from Esri Press can be found on the web at


About Esri
Since 1969, Esri has been giving customers around the world the power to think and plan geographically. The market leader in GIS, Esri software is used in more than 350,000 organizations worldwide including each of the 200 largest cities in the United States, most national governments, more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities. Esri applications, running on more than one million desktops and thousands of Web and enterprise servers, provide the backbone for the world’s mapping and spatial analysis. Esri is the only vendor that provides complete technical solutions for desktop, mobile, server, and Internet platforms. Visit us at


Press Information:
Jim Baumann, Esri
Tel: 909-793-2853, extension 1-1807
E-mail (press only):
General Information:



Google Maps Free Download – Made More Powerful Now

By The Fuse Joplin | April 14, 2014


A Complete Overhaul

The new Google Maps is a free download for your desktop or mobile devices and offers even more features, with the new feature of Google Earth being integrated into the service.


The latest features also track the cycles of the sun and the moon, accurately rendering shadows of the moon. It integrates several other novel features, such as the Street View and the Google Earth. In addition, the location services are all put together in a single place. All the previous cluttered interface with the tile style maps are gone and now you have a vector style map with images placed edge to edge and improved direction features. It has now become the default map version for users and is, undoubtedly, the most powerful map ever. However, those who had already got used to the old maps will take some time in getting used to the new features.


Seamless Zipping

It is easier to zip from one view to another, from the basic view to the Street view and then to the satellite view. The interactive features are better and it is certainly smarter in recognizing the locations you have visited, the places reviewed by friends and so on.


Developing a Smart Map

However, it took the crew of developers quite a long time to create this smart map and the present version was kept in the preview mode for almost nine months. In fact, the new version initially did not have the feature for creating maps with several destinations and the terrain view was also lacking in it. These were added along with way with hundred other changes. It was also not very fast in the initial stage of creating, with the final version using WebGL, which offers three-dimensional graphics in the browser. However, it is so powerful that it could be taxing on the browser and Google has taken many steps to lighten the burden on browsers. If your computer is slower or older, there is a compatibility mode available, but the faster machines can make use of the newer version.


Dizzying Features

The new version was kept in a preview state for a long time, as Google wanted to offer a dizzying number of features, many of which are not easily visible when you open the application. If you don’t observe the Google Map too closely, you might miss out on some of the new and amazing features.


The Now Style Cards

This is a new feature that shows you relevant information in context to your search on the map. For instance, if you are looking at or searching for restaurants, or for a flight, you will get all the upcoming reservations offered. If you search for a sports venue, the latest events will be shown in a card.

Schedule Explorer

This is another new feature that offers transit options, where you can view the time when buses or trains are scheduled to arrive, so that you can plan your day better. With the Air Travel feature, you can view the airfares as well as advertisements from those partnering, including Google Flights. You can easily book your flight or even make commissions from a sale.


Real Time Traffic Information

After acquiring Waze, Google is now able to integrate traffic information and data in real time in its new map along with the traffic information related to partners. Smart image popups at the screen bottom can help you access street views and photo tours as well as Google Earth tours in case you wish to see the nearby landmarks.


Overwhelming You

The new features are so powerful that they could be rather overwhelming to the new user and one could very nearly get lost in the map, so to speak. However, all the features are not immediately visible and most of them stay in the background till you specifically look for them.


To download:  



Hema Announces HN7: Australia’s Most Powerful Touring Machine 


Hema Maps is proud to announce the Hema Navigator HN7, which packages Australia’s most trusted touring and off-road navigation inside a 7-inch finger-touch screen.
On and off-road navigation, over 6000 Camps Australia Wide points of interest (POI) and new Camps Snaps site photos maximise a large 7-inch display, with the HN7’s finger touch screen meaning there’s no need for a stylus.


“The HN7 combines Hema’s 30 years of dedication to mapping excellence with the accuracy and detail of Camps Australia Wide points of interest, all on a large 7-inch finger touch screen,” said Graeme Ashton, GPS Product Manager. “The end result is a travel companion that will empower explorers to go wherever their dreams may take them.”


The HN7 features a 7-inch display with finger touch screen that makes exploring easier and navigating a pleasure. Taking advantage of the HN7’s extra functionality are Camps Snaps site photos, Camps Australia Wide POI and 4WD navigation that’s optimised to be finger friendly.


HN7 users can see the campsites and caravan parks they’re travelling to before they even get there with Camps Snaps site photos, which delivers over 2300 photos of free or low-cost sites to help explorers find their perfect destination. Complementing the Camps Snaps site photos are over 6000 Camps Australia Wide POI, including free camps, rest areas, remote caravan parks, dump points and more. The HN7 makes it easy to discover the most important things about any site too, with additional facility icons, road comments, contact phone numbers and detailed descriptions for each site.


4WD navigation is simpler than ever using the HN7, with EziOzi optimised for the HN7’s 7-inch finger touch screen. Larger menu screens, keyboards and buttons make OziExplorer for HN7 cleaner and more user-friendly, without compromising on its unparalleled functionality.


The Hema Navigator remains the only GPS navigation system with the complete Hema digital map collection preloaded, ensuring explorers get the most accurate and detailed mapping possible for out-of-the-way and remote areas. Backed by Hema Maps’ unique mapping and updating process, the HN7 delivers confident navigation in the places its needed most.


Completing the HN7 is street navigation for driving around town, with turn-by-turn navigation from iGO Primo that is powered by the latest HERE mapping. Intelligent features like speed camera alerts, multi-point routing and speed warnings simplify street driving, making the HN7 the most complete on and off-road GPS navigation system in Australia.


The Hema Navigator HN7 will be available before the end of March for RRP $699. For further information, please visit: 



Industry News


Tax Day Mapped: How Do States Tax Residents?

Esri’s interactive state taxes story map is available for the media to embed or share as part of ongoing tax coverage. View tax rates by state for income tax, sales tax, and property tax to see how each state raises money from its residents. You can also explore demographic info in the popups to see whether or not the state’s population and relative wealth affects how it chooses to tax its citizens.  


ITMB is proud to release the Gulf States Map Pack (which includes Dubai, Qatar & Doha City, Kuwait & Kuwait City, Bahrain & Manama City)


GM Johnson Maps would like to introduce you to our newest map of Napa and Sonoma Wine Country.

The map cartography is by Global Graphics, H.J. Hesse. The map includes wineries of Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake Counties California. The map has descriptive text on wine tasting and California varietals.


Rand McNally Releases Comprehensive HOS and Navigation Updates for Mobile Fleet …


With the release, the devices will have access to a full map update and new navigation features, as well as supplementary Hours of Service rules to …


New GI regulations to offer greater protection of consumers’ interests

Channel News Asia

The Geographical Indications Bill paves the way for a Geographical Indications (GI) registry, which will provide enhanced protection for registered GIs, …


Satellite remote sensing, biodiversity research and conservation of the future

The potential for synergies between remote sensing science and ecology, especially satellite remote sensing and conservation biology, has been …


Asia’s Cauldron: Is Geography Really Destiny?

Jakarta Globe

Nevertheless, the growing consensus is that Australia doesn’t need to make a choice between its geography and its history. Australia can have …


Can You Beat 400 People at US Geography?


The folks at Movoto wanted to test common theories about geographic illiteracy against real-time results. Challenging several hundred people to hover …


Ancient Peruvian treasures on display in Washington DC

Andina – Agencia Peruana de Noticias

Lima, Apr. 12. An impressive exhibition featuring gold and silver artifacts of Peru’s pre-Inca period is on display at the National Geography Society …


25 Maps That Will Change The Way You See The World | Informed Comment

Informed Comment Juan Cole


Social geography

Xenia Gazette

It seems to me that geography is playing a big part in our society today. When we usually think of geography – if we ever do – we conjure up visions of …


Russians Don’t See the Same Map as the Rest of the World When They Google Crimea

Slate Magazine (blog)

NPR notes an interesting recent change on Google Maps. Visitors to Google.Ru/Maps, the Russian edition of the site, now see the Crimean peninsula …


Jane Goodall launches online course in digital

On the day of her eightieth birthday, renowned primatologist Jane Goodall launched a massive open online course (MOOC) based around digital …  

Letter from Bruce McGurty, President of IMIA Asia Pacific


Dear IMIA Members:


As we race through the year with the month of May already just around the corner, I would like to take this opportunity to report on the IMIA Asia Pacific Region’s activities over the past few months.


The Asia Pacific Board conducted their first tele-conference meeting for the year in mid-February. Points tabled and discussed revolved around our on-going regional development plans and the organising of this year’s Asia Pacific Conference to be held in Melbourne, August 17 – 19. Keeping in line with our regional development plans, this year’s main focus is to retain members and grow our Association. A challenging task in the ever-changing mapping and geospatial industry but one we must achieve in order to remain relevant to our members.


We are endeavouring to bring changes to our Asia Pacific conferences, starting with the Melbourne event. Planning for the conference started early in the new year with Asia Pacific Director Igor Stjepanovic accepting to Chair the organising of the presentations programme. We are delighted to report that to date the presentations programme is almost filled with a healthy number of businesses presenting and participating at an IMIA event for the first time. Planning is also underway to have student representation from the geospatial sciences departments of Melbourne’s tertiary institutions.


We are also very pleased to announce that as part of the conference, IMIA Asia Pacific member Spatial Vision will host the first IMIA Asia Pacific MapHack Day – Discover OPEN-source tools to hack OPEN-source data. The day is designed to give participants an introduction to CartoDB, open data, open source software, simple coding, and be mentored by industry professionals. Spaces are limited for this event.


I encourage you to visit our conference website, register early and be involved in what is shaping up to be an excellent educational and networking opportunity. We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne this August.


Bruce McGurty


Bruce McGurty

President IMIA Asia Pacific

Chief Cartographer, Guides & Atlases
Hardie Grant Explore
Ground Floor, Building 1
658 Church Street VIC 3121 Australia
Tel: 61 3 8520 6444   Fax: 61 3 8520 6422


IMIA EAME / The British Cartographic Society Symposium



IMIA EAME / The British Cartographic Society Symposium
24 – 26 June 2014

Marwell Hotel  Colden Common  Winchester  Hampshire  UK



IMIA EAME / BCS Symposium Details








IMIA Calendar of Events


IMIA EAME / The British Cartographic Society Symposium

 25 – 26 June 2014
  Winchester, Hampshire UK

Esri International User Conference

14 – 18 July 2014

San Diego, CA USA  


 IMI Asia Pacific Region Conference / Trade Show

17 – 19 August 2014

Melbourne, Australia


The Frankfurt Book Fair

08 – 12 October 2014

Frankfurt, Germany


IMIA Americas Conference / Member Showcase

02 – 05 November 2014

Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center

Denver, CO USA


 Compliments of the National Geographic Society

1893 Chronicon Nurembergense (1493)

World Map


Originally produced only in woodcut form, the Chronicon Nurembergense Map of 1493 was published in National Geographic Magazine in April 1893, just five years after the Societys inception. This Latin version was first published in April of 1493, followed by a German version in December of the same year. A perfect companion to the world map by Johannes Ruysch.


1928 Map of Discovery
Eastern Hemisphere
In 1927, famed American painter N. C. Wyeth completed a series of five murals for Hubbard Memorial Hall, the National Geographic Society’s first formal library. Called “The Romance of Discovery,” the murals were flanked by highly illustrated maps of the eastern and western hemispheres showing the paths taken by some of the world’s most significant explorers.
1964 Shakespeare’s Map of Britain Map


This elegant map of Shakespeare’s Britain is based on John Speed’s map “The Kingdome of Great Britaine” from his 1611 atlas “Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine.” Published in May 1964, this delightfully illustrated map shows the settings of plays and various points of interest throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

IMIA Website Benefactors:  Avenza Systems Inc., Esri, National Geographic Maps, and U.S. Geological Survey

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