Want to know composition of Spatial Professionals? 

What is your expected Salary when you work in geospatial industry?

Is Geospatial workforce aging?

Which sectors employ most geospatial professionals?

IMIA are participants of the Spatial Industry Statistics Program set up in 2011 to gather information on the Spatial Industries.

The 2014 Spatial Salary Survey was conducted online during July and August 2014 by SIBA on behalf of the Spatial Industry Statistics Program participants. A total of 1489 valid responses were included in this analysis.

To view the full Spatial Salary Survey, http://www.siba.com.au/SIBAWebsite/media/Main/Spatial%20Library%20Images/GeneralReport2014_1.pdf

Contributor : Noleen Zander

Edited by: Danesh Prakash Chacko

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