Here are some of the presentations made at the Americas Conference 2016 in San Diego, CA USA.

A Whole New Perspective on Capturing Data
Johan Gyllenspetz – Mapillary

Collaboration for the Mapping Industry
Guy Johnson – GM Johnson & Associates Ltd.

Disparate Data, Technology Fiefdoms and The Rise of the Geo Boffin
Will Cadell –

GIS as a Land Planning Resource
Michelle M. Landis, RLA – Greatecology

Go Code Colorado and the evolution of the Data Liaison
Margaret Spyker – Xentity Corporation

Identifying and Capturing Value using GIS
Ari Isaak – Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.

Market Trends in Fleet Logistics and the Impact of Location Aware Data
Richard F. Pearlman – Spireon

NGA Open For Business
R.W. “Space” Kraft – National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

Spatial Computing
Yao-Yi Chiang – USC Dornsife

The Business of Story Maps
Mark Cygan & David Watkins – Esri

U.S.G.S. and National Open Data
Drew Decker – National Geospatial Program