International Map Industry Association Statement on Ukraine

The International Map Industry Association (IMIA) expresses its shock and grief at the violent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military, and the humanitarian crisis it has caused. This unjustified assault on the sovereign nation and peaceful people of Ukraine, enacted by Russian President Vladimir Putin and not the Russian people, deserves the worldwide condemnation it has received. IMIA recognizes the statement by the UN Secretary-General [] and echoes the sentiments put forth by other mapping, cartographic, and geographic organizations, including:

The IMIA emphasizes that it is unacceptable for unilateral actions to be taken to attempt to invalidate the geographic ownership and representation of sovereign nations, including on maps or geographic information systems, especially through physical violence. This includes annexation of locations, changing geographic boundaries, and violating the territorial and human rights of internationally recognized nations and their citizens.

We honor the courage of the Ukrainian civilians and soldiers as they rally to defend their nation, and applaud the brave Russian citizens publicly expressing their disapproval of this war. We support the global efforts to embrace Ukrainian refugees as they flee to safety. And we add our voice to the global calls for Russian President Vladimir Putin to end this war and allow eastern Europe to return to a path toward peace, freedom, and independent governance.