Mapping the World

Before Google maps and satellite imagery cartographers painstakingly mapped the world.

As you’ve spun the globe and studied your atlas dreaming of faraway places, have you ever wondered how that map came to be?

Kelly spoke to Dr Bill Richardson from Flinders University who has published ‘The Portuguese Discovery of Australia: Fact or Fiction?’ and later expanded to ‘Was Australia Charted before 1606? The Java la Grande Inscription’.

She also spoke to Gordon Cheers, the Managing Director of Millennium House (IMIA member) and the author of the world’s biggest atlas “Earth Platinum”.

Finally she spoke to Troy Hamilton-Irvine, founder of, who has a gallery of historic maps from around Australasia dating back to the 1400’s.

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(Reprinted with the permission of 612-ABC Brisbane)

Contributor : Gordon Cheers (Millennium House)

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