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Here’s why Iceland is one of the most amazing places on Earth, it is the only spot where a mid-ocean ridge can be seen above water. Mid-ocean ridges are the seams that bisect the oceanic plates where magma comes up from the mantle below to form new crust. They are basically continuous lines of major volcanic activity, creating new ocean floor at rates up to 15 cm per year (7.5 on each side). The new crust moves away from the ridges and eventually, millions of years later, is pushed beneath a continent back into the mantle. In Iceland, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge has risen above the ocean’s surface, lacerating the island with active volcanoes. Add to this a veneer of glaciers, and you have a geologic wonderland.


Iceland’s interesting topography can be seen beautifully on this map made up of elevation contours, or isolines. The country’s name brings bright white ice and cold blues to mind, but I think the brilliant reds in this map (the deep reds are the lowest elevations, the bright yellows are highest) better represent the intensely volcanic nature of Iceland.  To read more…



Editor of the IMIA Report 


IMIA proudly announces that Mr. Kevin Allen of National Geographic Maps has graciously accepted the position of editor of the IMIA Report.  He brings years of experience in the mapping industry as well as being an expert with editorial talents.

Kevin Allen manages all cartographic production for National Geographic Maps. Located at headquarters in Washington DC, he oversees production for NGMap’s reference and recreation map lines, custom publishing, Sustainable Destination mapping and website development, atlas and book map production, GIS database development, editorial updates and mapping support services for internal NG magazines and departments. Prior to his current role as Vice President of Production, he has served as Director of Operations for NGMaps headquarters office, Assistant Director of Production, Divisional Production Manager, and Manager of NGMaps first computer mapping and imaging facility.


Allen has been employed for thirty-three years joining National Geographic after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Go Hokies!) and two years working for Alexandria Drafting Company. He has served as a board member for the International Map Industry Association for three years in addition chaired the Map Report publication for IMIA for five years. Allen resides in Annapolis, Maryland with his wife and two sons and enjoys sailing, kayaking, fly-fishing, hiking, outdoor photography, and blue crabs from the heart of the Chesapeake Bay.



U.S. Geological Survey
Secretary Jewell Lauds President’s Intent to Nominate Suzette Kimball to Serve as Director of the U.S. Geological Survey


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today praised President Obama’s intent to nominate Dr. Suzette M. Kimball to serve as the Director of the U.S. Geological Survey, Interior’s chief science agency. Kimball has led the agency in an acting capacity since February 2013.

“USGS brings critical, impartial information to bear on some of the most complex issues facing our nation today – from the impacts of climate change to natural hazards and their threats,” said Jewell. “With her scientific expertise and decades of public service, Suzette is an excellent choice to lead this agency. During her time at USGS, Suzette has proven herself to be a smart, thoughtful and collaborative leader, and a strong advocate for using science to inform our understanding of our world and provide tools to solve natural resource challenges.”

If confirmed by the U. S. Senate, Kimball would lead the science agency of more than 8,000 scientists, technicians and support staff in more than 400 locations across the United States. The USGS mission is to provide reliable scientific information to describe and understand the Earth; minimize loss of life and property from natural disasters; manage water, biological, energy, and mineral resources; and enhance and protect our quality of life.

The USGS Director also serves as Science Advisor to the Secretary of the Interior, overseeing activities of the Department’s Strategic Science Group and chairing the team of nine bureau science advisors.

Before assuming the USGS Acting Director position last year, Kimball served as the Deputy Director from 2010 to 2013; as the Associate Director for Geology from 2008 to 2010; as the Director of the Eastern Region from 2004 to 2008; and as the Eastern Regional Executive for Biology from 1998 to 2004. She was previously Acting Director from January to November 2009.
As Deputy Director, Kimball had executive leadership responsibility to execute scientific and administrative functions supported by USGS’s budget in excess of $1.1 billion. Kimball also led USGS’s international activities and represented all North American geological surveys on international mapping endeavors.
As Associate Director for Geology, International and Climate Programs, Kimball was responsible for the development and strategic design of those important programs, and for programmatic performance metrics, budget initiatives and representation to the Department, OMB, Congress, other federal agencies and academic partners.
Before working at USGS, Kimball served at the National Park Service as the Southeast Associate Regional Director and Regional Chief Scientist from 1993 to 1998. From 1991 to 1993, she was Research Coordinator in the Global Climate Change Program at the National Park Service; an Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia; and Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Center for Coastal Management and Policy and Associate Marine Scientist at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary.
Kimball served in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from 1983 to 1986 as a Coastal Engineering Research Center Chief and a Program Manager for Barrier Islands Sedimentation Studies. From 1979 to 1983, she served as a Research Coordinator and a Research Assistant at the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia.
Kimball received a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences / Coastal & Oceanographic Processes from the University of Virginia (1983); an M.S. in Geology / Geophysics from Ball State University (1981); and a B.A. from the College of William and Mary.
Kimball has authored more than 75 technical publications on issues dealing with coastal ecosystem science, coastal zone management and policy, and natural resource exploration, evaluation and management. She has delivered more than 50 invited professional presentations and 70 conference presentations. Her numerous professional appointments and offices include serving on the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine, Roundtable on Environmental Health, Research and Medicine; NAS Roundtable on Science & Technology for Sustainability and U.S. National Committee for Geosciences of the NAS Board on International Scientific Organizations.

Kimball has twice received the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive Leadership and the Secretary’s Gold Award for Executive Leadership. 


Ronald Lofton
Ronald Lofton, U.S. Geological Survey, was elected as President of the IMIA International Board of Directors 2014 – 2016.


Ron Lofton joined the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in 1978, at the National Mapping Center in Rolla, Missouri. Now located in Denver, Colorado, he is currently serving as Chief of Staff of the Geospatial Technical Operations Center (NGTOC). The NGTOC provides essential support for the acquisition and management of trusted geospatial data, products and services through world-class geospatial technical expertise and customer service for the U.S. Geological Survey and the Nation.


He has been involved in several leadership and management activities with a focus on more innovative approaches to government (public and private sector partnerships; data accessibility; customer focus organizations; entrepreneurial government; and next step agencies). As Senior Operations Manager in the USGS National Geospatial Program, he is responsible for the oversight and management of the acquisition of geospatial data, products and services in support of The National Map.


Lofton became involved in the USGS Geospatial Information Program after completion of the Department of Interior’s Management Development Program. He also served as an intern in Senator Ben “Nighthorse” Campbell’s Office and part of a team responsible for implementing a National Performance Review Project to reinvent “Information and Product Distribution.” In 1999 he received the Department of the Interior Meritorious Service Award. Currently, Lofton is serving as the Federal Liaison Director on IMIA (Americas) Board of Directors as well as the new President of the IMIA International Board of Directors. 


Analyzing the Tensions of Transnational Negotiations Through Kinetic Cartography

Negotiated edges – one world, different systems is a kinetic cartography “world machine” currently featured at the 2013 – 14 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture in Hong Kong. Created by multidisciplinary design team Chiu Ning, Yuet Chan, Lau Wai Kin, and Andrew Ng, the piece is relevant to the Biennale’s overall discussion of boundaries in various architectural and urban contexts ranging from an individual to a global perspective.
If you’re based in Hong Kong, you can check out Negotiated edges at the Biennale until February 23, 2014. To read more…
California Maritime Academy Will Host a New International Maritime Conference, e-Navigation Underway North America, in April.


This inaugural conference, set for April 3 – 4, will be a regional version of the international e-Navigation Underway Conference held in Denmark. The April conference will be hosted and managed by Cal Maritime in close cooperation with the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) and the Danish Maritime Authority, which jointly organize the international version of the conference.


For more information or to register for the conference please visit:






2014 Could be the Year Web Browsers Replace Photoshop


The language that controls the web’s style-CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets-could be getting a new set of features that will make it the new gold standard for graphic design. These features, collectively known as blending modes, are currently under consideration by the World Wide Web Consortium, the group with the largest influence over standardizing features in your browser. If approved, blending modes will let web developers tinker with colors, tones and textures on the web in the same way they can with graphics and image files on programs like Photoshop. To read more… 

 By Nick Stockton @StocktonSays

The 7000 Rivers that Feed into the Mississippi River




Countries That Do Not Use the Metric System
Map of Contiguous United States
Overlaid on the Moon – Map by boredboarder8 on Reddit

London Book Fair

8th – 10th April 2014

Earls Court, London


IMIA will again have a stand at the London Book Fair and as a member, you can benefit. Panels are available for purchase. The benefits of purchasing a panel are: 

  • YOU promote your company at the world’s second largest book fair.
  • YOU have space to conduct meetings.
  • YOU avoid the full cost of a stand.
  • YOU are free to visit other stands without being tied to one place.
  • YOU have refreshments on hand for your guests and you.
  • Includes exhibitor passes for your guests and you.

PRICES: US$1200 or AUS$1280 or €900 or £750 per panel plus VAT where applicable.

(NB: price includes exhibitor entry pass). Please contact your Executive Director for further information.

Confirmed Exhibitors to Date: ITMB Publishing Ltd., Interkart GmbH, MapSherpa, and MapsofWorld.


Potential Exhibitors: AppsNRanks, Stellanova, mbm Systems GMbH, Global Mapping, and XYZ Maps Ltd.


IMIA (EAME) to Join BCS Symposium
The British Cartographic Society (BCS) has  invited IMIA (EAME) to join their annual symposium on 25 – 26 June 2014 at the Marwell Hotel, in beautiful Winchester.
The British Cartographic Society Homepage
The British Cartographic Society (BCS) is a dynamic association of individuals and organisations dedicated to exploring and developing the world of maps.
Marwell Hotel 


The unique  Marwell Hotel is  situated in a beautiful rural location, which is close to Marwell Wildlife, 

a 140-acre home to over 1,200 animals of 235 different species. Area attractions also include Winchester Cathedral and Great Hall.


IMIA (EAME) Board of Directors 2014

President Designate: Hans Niemeyer (Interkart GmbH)

Past President: Andreas Pachler (Stellanova)

Executive Director: Howard Hudson (IMIA (EAME)



Alexander Haun (mbm Systems GmbH)

Janusz Przeorek (Express Maps)

Sheena Barclay (Collins Bartholomew)

Bart Craenen (Craenen BVBA)

Gizella Bassa (GiziMap) 


Infobase Limited (CIL) / MapsofWorld


Infobase Limited (CIL) / MapsofWorld is now the official map provider to Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID), the world’s leading power transmission utility transmitting about 50 percent of the total power generated in India on its transmission network on a pan India level. CIL is responsible for development of AutoCAD maps of States, Regions and India map as a whole showing transmission lines, generating stations, (thermal, nuclear, hydro, wind) and electric substations, which will be used for real time data flow and analysis. Along with this, CIL is also developing a Flash application for POWERGRID on pan India level showing all the transmission lines and electric stations / sub-stations in an interactive manner with details and utilities of each line / station shown in a pop box. With regard to publishing, CIL will also be providing a printed Power Maps Atlas in multiple languages to POWERGRID.


CIL / MapsofWorld are now a premier cartography and GIS map data company in developing maps for Atlases. CIL have developed a world atlas with maps of different scales from 1 million to 8 million for different European clients in multiple languages. Moving forward, we have also developed golf atlases for various organizations of international repute and recently we worked on a children’s atlas for one of our European clients with maps being developed in three major European languages along with an English version. has announced that it’s highly popular sea surface temperature, sea colour and ocean current service for offshore anglers is now available for iPhone/iPads, Smartphones and Tablets. Following requests from subscribers a new Mobile Device service was introduced on Christmas Eve on  and The new service was developed in conjunction with fellow IMIA member and international digital business developer AppsnRanks.’s Managing Director, Mr. John Payne, said “The service’s subscribers have shown a great take-up rate so far and I expect this will further increase as the fishing season progresses and tournaments start to happen around Australia and New Zealand. Our company was very happy with the excellent service and technical ability shown by Mani Singh and his company AppsnRanks.” Further development of the service is planned in the near future. A link to our newsletter may be found at:



Industry News


Google is Mapping the History of Modern Music – Engadget

Timothy J. Seppala – It’s no surprise that Google has been tracking music uploads, but what’s unexpected is exactly what the search giant is doing with all of that info.


Map Collection Aids Genealogical Research

Danville Commercial News – Maps can be invaluable to genealogical researchers. The David Rumsey Map Collection (at provides free access to …


A Google Maps Find Mysterious Triangular ‘UFO’ on Moon

Business Standard – A series of images captured on Google maps, showing a mysterious triangular wedge-shaped ‘spaceship’ on the moon, has baffled the world.


Digitizing My Drawn Maps | I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

Jay Dee – I have drawn a lot of maps over the years for Ariadne, and I’ve shown it in the past (a rather fuzzy-looking photo). But finally, I’m digitizing them. I don’t …


Beargrease Sled Dog Race Implements New GPS Technology

Northland’s NewsCenter – All teams taking part in the race will be equipped with G-P-S technology tracking their every move along the 374 mile course. Click here to subscribe to 


GPS World | – Knowledge Is Free

kfadmin – The Business and Technology of Global Navigation and Positioning. GPS World Industry leaders look to GPS World for continuous innovation.


Pilots Who Landed at Wrong Airport Ignored Navigation Aids Showing …

Daily Mail – Southwest Airlines pilots who recently landed at the wrong airport

in Missouri have told investigators they were confused by the small airport’s runway …

Interactive Esri Map Provides Geographic Context for Just Released ACA Enrollment Data

Esri’s interactive 2013 ACA Enrollment map is available for the media to embed or share as part of ongoing health care coverage. Based on data released by the Department of Health and Human Services, explore ACA enrollment by state across a variety of dimensions including age and gender. You can embed this map into your site with the following code:


<iframe scrolling=”No” frameborder=”0″ src=”” style=”width: 100%; height: 600px;”></iframe>


Sculptural Cartography: How The Marshall Islands Inhabitants Used …

fosco lucarelli – The stick charts were the main tool the Marshallese used to navigate on canoe across the islands of the Pacific Ocean, until WWII. Lacking astrolabes … 


Digital Maps of Land Resources Launched in the Philippines

FutureGov Magazine – The Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) launched an online portal called “BSWM Maps” to make it easier for citizens to access the …


Cycling Map to Keep Riders on the Trails

Victoria News – Daniel Cammiade holds his new cycling map for the Saanich Peninsula. The maps are available at bike shops and guide companies throughout …




News from IMIA (Asia Pacific)

Bruce McGurty

IMIA (Asia Pacific) President


As the new IMIA (Asia Pacific) President, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. Some of you may remember the name as this is my second time round involved at the committee level with IMIA. Having served on the Asia Pacific Board from 2001 to 2008, it is again a privilege to be involved with IMIA representing our region.


This year’s Asia Pacific Board consists of an excellent cross-section of high calibre professionals from the mapping and geospatial industry. We are fortunate to have this representation as it does reflect on the Association’s goal of bringing all sectors of our industry together. 


Our Board’s first teleconference meeting will be held in early February. Work has already begun on the planning of this year’s Asia Pacific conference, which will be held in Melbourne over the days of August 17-19. This year’s conference will gather international and local industry leaders from across government, the private sector and academia.

The conference will showcase an exciting programme of renowned speakers and business leaders. It will be a great opportunity to:

  • Learn about new advancements in the geospatial industry, IT and government
  • Network with peers and industry leaders
  • Benefit from IMIA membership

Please contact Noleen Zander at for further details or for presentations contact Workshop Chair, Igor Stjepanovic We 

look forward to putting together an event that will bring the best possible commercial and educational opportunities / benefits to the membership. We will also be working towards growing the membership as there are many in our industry that do not know what IMIA is. These are but a few of our initiatives for the coming year. We do value feedback and contribution from our members at any time.


Finally, as the world of mapping and geospatial technology rapidly changes, it is important that as an industry association we keep up and move with the times. It is also important not to lose focus of IMIA’s strengths established by the good work our predecessors have done in establishing our unique global association.  In these challenging but exciting times, I look forward to working with the Asia Pacific team as well as with our American and European counterparts in helping develop and implement changes necessary to keep IMIA current and viable. 


IMIA (Asia Pacific) Board of Directors 2014

President: Bruce McGurty (Hardie Grant Explore)

Past President: Brian Spier (SIBIZ)

Executive Director: Noleen Zander (IMIA Asia Pacific)



Matthew McRobert (LPMA – Graphic Services)

Chris Schroder (Southern Cross Cartographics)

Rob Boegheim (Hema Maps)

Igor Stjepanovic (GIS People)

Will Pringle (Mapgraphx)

Mani Singh  (AppsnRanks)

Sudarshan Karki (Dept Natural Resources & Mines Qld)



IMIA New Members


ThinkNet Co Ltd

323 United Center Building

14th Floor, Silom Road 
Bangkok 10500
Silom, Bangrak, Thailand
Phone:     +662 353 6999 #3125
Fax:         +662 353 6911

Contact: Ayuwan Prapinvanich

ThinkNet is a leading map publisher, distributor and GIS solution provider in Thailand. Wherever you go in Thailand, you will not miss a place as our large and varied range of products cover all areas. Whether you are a local or a tourist who wants to travel in Thailand, you will find ThinkNet maps are very user friendly, easy to understand and will help you reach your destination conveniently. Whatever you want, a bulk of full information for reference or specific information, we can provide all with our expert and experienced team.


Upjohn Center for the Study of Geological Change

1100 Welborn Hall, Western Michigan University          
Kalamazoo, MI 49008 USA  
Phone:     269/387-3364
Fax:         269/387-3582
Contact:  Marilyn Johnson

W.E. Upjohn Center for the Study of Geological Change specializes in converting large-format maps, air photos and atlases into digital equivalents using imaging technology designed for geometric accuracy with the purpose of creating GIS data.




David Watkins  


David Watkins, Esri, was elected President of the IMIA (Americas) Board of Directors 2014 – 2016.


David Watkins has more than 20 of experience in map publishing, map production and GIS. After completing a Master’s Degree in cartography at Brigham Young University, he began his career as the GIS and New Media Manager at H.M. Gousha, the former publisher of road maps and atlases.


In 1996, Watkins took a position in the Professional Services group at Esri managing cartographic production and the development of the Map Production System (the cartographic software component of the Production Line Tool Set, now the Esri Mapping and Charting Solutions).


In 2008, he transitioned to his current position as Cartography Product Manager for Esri. In his current role, Watkins is responsible for collecting cartographic requirements and working closely with customers and communicating user needs to the development team that builds the ArcGIS suite of software products.




IMIA (Americas) Board of Directors 2014


President: David Watkins (Esri)

Past President: David Knipfer (Mapping Specialists, Ltd.)
Treasurer: Marcia Fettig (Frederic Printing)
Federal Liaison Director: Ron Lofton (U.S. Geological Survey)
Director-at-Large: Mark Cygan (Esri)
Honorary Life Member: Clark Swinehart (Esri)
Executive Director: Sanford Hill (IMIA Americas)


Connie Beard (U.S. Census Bureau)
Ted Florence, (Avenza Systems Inc.)
Mike Lappin, (National Geographic Magazine)
Dave McIlhagga (MapSherpa)
Bennett Moe (
Sarah Sinclair (Sinclair Enterprises)


IMIA Calendar of Events



IMIA (Americas) Strategic Planning Session /  Board of Directors Meeting

24 – 26 January 2014

Flamingo Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV USA


Mapping Our World

November 13 – 10 March 2014

National Library of Australia

Canberra, Australia



26 February 2014

Sydney, Australia


Malaysia Geospatial Forum

11 – 12 March 2014

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


The London Book Fair

08 – 10 April 2014

London, England UK


Locate 14

07 – 09 April 2014

Canberra, Australia


IMIA (EAME) / The British Cartographic Society Symposium

 25 – 26 June 2014
  Winchester, England UK


Esri International User Conference

14 – 18 July 2014

San Diego, CA USA


 IMIA (Asia Pacific) Region Conference / Trade Show

17 – 19 August 2014

Melbourne, Australia


The Frankfurt Book Fair

08 – 12 October 2014

Frankfurt, Germany


IMIA (Americas) Conference / Member Showcase

02 – 05 November 2014

Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center

Denver, CO USA




        Beautiful Photos of New Zealand Courtesy of National Geographic

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