Mapping Specialists Limited celebrates 40 years of business

June 1, 1984, marked Mapping Specialists’ first business day in Madison, Wisconsin. From its humble beginning in a small office in the basement of a downtown Madison apartment to its current nearly 40 years later, Mapping Specialists has taken pride in providing a wide array of professional, quality cartographic services and products.

From the early days of hand-drawn pen and ink mapping techniques to the current digital mapping platforms Mapping Specialists have strived to be at the forefront of mapping technology.

From the beginning affiliations with industry associations have been an integral part of Mapping Specialists’ longevity and success. None of those affiliations have been more important than the International Map Industry Association (IMIA). Our first membership in the association was with the International Map Dealers Association (IMDA), then with the International Map Trade Association (IMTA), and continuing with the current IMIA. While the association’s name has changed one thing has remained consistent- the ability for business development, networking, and learning from peers and companies in the mapping industry.  Many of our most successful and longest-lasting partnerships are a direct result of networking within IMIA.

We invite you to join Mapping Specialists and other members at the Mapping Leaders Forum in Denver, CO from June 4-6, 2024. It will be 3 full days of tours, presentations, and networking. Mapping Specialists is sponsoring the reception on June 6 at Trading Post Backyard, located in the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. Help us celebrate the map industry and Mapping Specialists, Ltd’s 40th anniversary!