Stanfords Relaunches Mapping Software for Businesses

Technological development has fueled the rise of interactive online mapping applications and print-on-demand map solutions in the past decade.

Edward Stanford Ltd., a prominent supplier of Ordnance Survey maps in the UK, has recently relaunched its online mapping software for businesses, providing an impressive suite of features.

This improved software is designed for businesses to personalize and acquire maps in PDF/TIFF or DWG/DXF data format using postal codes, addresses, coordinates, or OS Grid Reference.

This B2B application empowers registered users with map annotation editing, data downloads, and print area selection, allowing them to create and download their maps in multiple formats.

Developed in collaboration with NextByte Technologies and MapSherpa Inc., Stanfords Portal leverages the Magento e-commerce platform and MapSherpa APIs to enable customization and map downloads from Ordnance Survey data.