IMIA Mission:

The International Map Industry Association is a global organization that represents the world of maps. IMIA brings together leaders from across the spectrum of mapping and location-oriented businesses to connect, share and learn. With business networking and education conferences, meetups, exchange of business information, worldwide IMIA membership is a proven global leadership opportunity.

Business Networking and Education are the Key Foundations of IMIA

The International Map Industry Association (IMIA) represents a world of maps. IMIA is where mapmakers, publishers, geospatial technology companies, location-based services, content producers, and distributors come together to conduct the business of maps. IMIA connects you to colleagues, customers and business partners and keeps you abreast of developments in the mapping industry.

IMIA is a truly global organization. It welcomes members from every corner of the world, from Ireland to India, from Nigeria to New Zealand and from Russia to the Dominican Republic. The association is made of up of three regions: IMIA EAME, IMIA Americas and IMIA Asia Pacific. In addition to IMIA’s global program, each region organizes its own local activities. This ensures that, wherever you are based, IMIA is both relevant and accessible to you.

During the past 20 years, the mapping industry has witnessed dramatic growth and change through new technologies and mediums for map based products. This change has brought about whole new industry sectors and companies. IMIA’s focus on networking and education allow you as a member to forge new relationships you will need and how your company will need to adapt to be successful in the years to come. New mapping products are emerging all the time and keeping up-to-date with industry developments can be and is a real challenge. As a member of IMIA, you will have access to worldwide business networking and education with global conferences, committee and discussion groups to facilitate the exchange of business information among companies.

To keep members up-to-date IMIA produces a regular monthly email newsletter called the IMIA Report. This publication contains a broad range of articles and features new developments, trends in the industry and member news. It’s precisely what you need to stay in touch.

New members quickly learn that IMIA is more than just an association…

Supportive and informative, IMIA can play an active role in helping member organizations achieve their business goals. It provides companies with access to sponsorship and marketing opportunities and can offer practical advice about international business and regional development grants. So whether you are launching a new product, entering a new market or developing a new channel strategy, IMIA is a business partner you can always depend on.

IMIA members connect at trade shows around the world…

IMIA organizes its own conference and trade show in each region, each year. These events provide members with an opportunity to network with partners, suppliers and customers – informally and productively. In addition, at some key regional events, such as the Frankfurt Book Fair and the London Book Fair, IMIA sponsors a corporate stand, where all members have the opportunity to display merchandise and make new business contacts. This significantly reduces the costs for organizations that wish to exhibit at these leading shows.

In the business of maps, precision is essential. But so is creativity…

That is why IMIA presents a series of awards every year to recognize and encourage innovation. To reflect the diverse range of businesses in IMIA, there are several different categories of awards and entries are judged on criteria such as design, originality, clarity, and ease of use. Gold and Silver award winners in each category receive award labels and artwork, which they can use in their marketing activities to help promote their products. They gain industry recognition for their achievements and a heightened profile in their market. And that is a prize worth winning.

When you join IMIA you will be able to take advantage of all of the different services provided by the association. Yet, in many ways, that is just the beginning. As a member, you will automatically become part of a large community of people and organizations that care about the development, use and retail of map products. Through our website, events and publications you will come into contact with people, who share your ideals – and can help you reach your goals.