Who Can Benefit From Membership In IMIA?

  • Map Publishers and Distributors
  • Geospatial Information, Imagery and Technology Companies
  • Travel Product Manufacturers
  • Location-based Manufacturers
  • Map, Map and Travel Retailers
  • Travel Publishers
  • Government Agencies
  • Globe Manufacturers
  • Educators and Librarians
  • Printers, Paper Companies, Data Suppliers, Technology Suppliers
  • Students
  • Location Based Services
  • Content Producers

Keeping Members Up-to-Date

Members receive regular updates on forthcoming association events and interests. IMIA’s monthly email newsletter, the IMIA Report, provides detailed information on items of interest such as future conferences and events, news of the map business, new members, and new products.


Three world-class conferences and trade shows are held each year, one in each of the major regions: