IMIA hosted a vibrant and collaborative event from October 18 to 22, bringing together a collective stand of co-exhibitors, all of whom are esteemed IMIA members. This event was marked by a focus on networking opportunities and social engagement, making it an excellent platform for sharing insights and forging new connections within the map industry.

The collective stand was situated within the prestigious Frankfurt Book Fair event in Frankfurt, Germany. This co-location allowed participants to benefit from the extensive exposure and opportunities that the Frankfurt Book Fair provides, further enhancing the value of the IMIA event.

Key Highlights:

  1. Collective Stand of IMIA Members: The event provided a unique platform for IMIA members to showcase their products, services, and innovations collectively. This collaborative approach fostered a sense of unity within the map industry.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Attendees had ample opportunities to network with industry professionals, allowing for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and business partnerships.
  3. Social Engagement: Beyond business interactions, the event offered various social activities, creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere. These activities facilitated relaxed conversations, making it easier to build rapport with fellow participants.

Participating Companies:

  • Avenza Systems: Avenza Systems demonstrated their cutting-edge mapping software and digital map delivery solutions, highlighting their key role in today’s map industry.
  • Benchmark Maps: Benchmark Maps shared their recreation atlases and maps, garnering interest from attendees seeking high-quality mapping resources for the United States.
  • Cordee Limited: Cordee Ltd offered a wide range of map-related literature and resources, contributing to the event’s comprehensive map industry coverage.
  • Craenen: Known for their expertise map distribution throughout Europe, Craenen showcased their latest products and services.
  • Interkart: Interkart showcased their expertise in wall maps and custom map services, bringing a trusted German perspective to the event and activities.
  • Lovell Johns: Lovell Johns exhibited their geospatial and cartographic services, underscoring their proficiency in custom mapping solutions.
  • MapSherpa: MapSherpa presented their digital map distribution solutions for Print-On-Demand, highlighting their role in the modernization of the map industry.
  • NextByte Technologies: NextByte Technologies demonstrated their geospatial website solutions, a trusted resource for IMIA’s website and those of several member companies.
  • Rathgloben: Rathgloben, a renowned name in globe manufacturing, exhibited their stunning globe designs and new offerings.
  • Stellanova: Stellanova presented their innovative new globe designs, attracting attention from international consumers and retailers.

Social Engagement Highlights:

  1. Cordee’s 50th Anniversary Toast: An evening beer toasting hosted by Cordee Ltd to celebrate their remarkable 50th anniversary in the map industry. This special moment allowed attendees to join in the festivities at our collective stand and acknowledge Cordee’s long-standing commitment to distributing maps throughout the UK and Europe.
  2. IMIA Member Dinner Sponsored by HarperCollins UK: The IMIA Member Dinner, generously sponsored by HarperCollins UK, provided a delightful evening of networking and social interaction. This dinner was an opportunity for members to unwind, share stories, and strengthen their connections in a relaxed setting.

These social events added a celebratory and warm atmosphere to the IMIA event, reinforcing the sense of community and camaraderie among participants.

In summary, IMIA’s presence at the Frankfurt Book Fair provided a dynamic platform for members and map industry enthusiasts to engage in networking, explore new mapping technologies, and discover an array of map-related products and services. It was an event characterized by collaboration, learning, and the strengthening of professional connections within the map industry.

Thank you to the IMIA Member companies that participated in this year’s collective stand: