The ALEX Corporation is very glad to join the IMIA as a new member.

ALEX Corporation was founded in 2010 by Koichiro Tsujino, the former president of Google Japan.  ALEX is quickly introducing and exporting various highly-qualified products from Japan via their cross-border shopping site named ALEXCIOUS.  ALEX is also running a crowdfunding site named COUNTDOWN for those who want to convey values of Japan to the world.

AuthaGraph is one of the products which ALEXCIOUS shopping site is offering, and it is a new scheme to project the world map.  AuthaGraph is the winner of 2016 GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD.  GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD is the most authoritative design award in Japan.

The conventional Mercator projection, named after geographer Gerardus Mercator (1512 ~ 1594), is the world map first revealed in 1569 that is still the generally accepted image we have of the planet.  It is flawed, however, in that it dramatically distorts the sizes of Antarctica or Greenland (Antarctica was yet to be discovered when the Mercator Projection was invented).

The AuthaGraph projection by contrast, is a modern innovative map that frames the world’s physical components (continents, seas, etc.) in a 2D rectangle, while representing their relative sizes as accurately as possible.  Antarctica, for instance, can be seen at the bottom right, close to South America, Africa and Australia.

You can simply review and purchase the AuthaGraph world map on ALEXCIOUS shopping site below.  There are two versions on the map and a paper craft to understand how AuthaGraph projection works.

AuthaGraph was invented by Dr. Hajime Narukawa and ALEX Corporation is the official exporter of the products under AuthaGraph brand.  For more information on AuthaGraph, please take a look at the following links:

You can also find other geospatial products called Geografia on the ALEXCIOUS shopping site below:

If you are interested in the AuthaGraph and Geografia, please feel free to contact ALEX Corporation anytime at the following address.

We are looking forward to communicating with all of you very much.

Koichiro Tsujino
Founder and CEO
ALEX Corporation

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