The Importance of Digital and Paper Maps

Two interesting articles were published recently highlighting the importance of paper and digital maps.  Outside magazine described well the benefit of large format paper atlases, an old stalwart for planning trips, traveling, and exploring.  Ian Frazier with Outside magazine writes, “The map application on your phone cannot give you the big picture”, and he’s right.  […]

National Geographic is Featured in Dirt Rag Mountain Bike Magazine

IMIA sponsor and member, National Geographic, is featured in this month’s issue of Dirt Rag Mountain Bike Magazine.  “The Power of Paper Maps” article in Issue #202’s Access Column describes how paper maps provide a robust tool for discovering and exploring trails on public lands.  The article focuses on how USGS data and services are […]

Authoritative Trails and the Business of Maps

Sunday October 22, 2017 9am-Noon in Ketchum 1B64 For years, OSM has been known as the defacto standard repository for trail mapping data, and especially for those in search of national coverage. Some of the major challenges in mapping trails result from the wide variety of land managers and stewards. Quite often trails visible in […]

Geografia Products from ALEX

About the Geografia products: These products are paper crafts that combine geometric beauty in two or three dimensions and geographical beauty of a world map or a globe. When you look at them from a distance, you will enjoy their geometric beauty, and when you look at them closely, you also can enjoy geographic details […]

Print Maps Give you the Big Picture-There’s Nothing like It Online

I love reading about maps in the news, especially printed maps. So, I was pleased to see this article in the Star Tribune about Tom Hedberg: Who needs GPS and Google? Minneapolis map publisher is ‘master of cartography’. Richard Chin‘s article starts out with a great example of  Tom Hedberg’s creative and useful maps. Sure, […]

Introduction of ALEX corporation, ALEXCIOUS shopping site, AuthaGraph and Geographia

The ALEX Corporation is very glad to join the IMIA as a new member. ALEX Corporation was founded in 2010 by Koichiro Tsujino, the former president of Google Japan.  ALEX is quickly introducing and exporting various highly-qualified products from Japan via their cross-border shopping site named ALEXCIOUS.  ALEX is also running a crowdfunding site named COUNTDOWN for those who want […]