Where Cartography Meets Industry; Geo-Ethics in Mapping

Geo-Ethics in Mapping has quickly accelerated in the past year, with significant sessions in no less than six cartography and geography-related events and articles in at least five associated publications. Geo-Ethics in Mapping has many facets, but through collaboration, we have rapidly developed very succinct statements from these organizations.

We heard from a knowledgeable panel with some of the key players in this effort:

Dr. Alexander Kent
British Cartographic Society

Daniel Cole
Cartography and Geographic Information Society

Kari Craun
Cartography and Geographic Information Society

Dr. Aileen Buckley
International Cartographic Association

Mark Cygan
International Map Industry Association
Panel Facilitator

Participants joined this lively webinar panel discussion to discover:

  • What has been accomplished to date
  • Discussion of the key issues and opportunities
  • A map for the path forward