Geografia Products from ALEX

About the Geografia products:

These products are paper crafts that combine geometric beauty in two or three dimensions and geographical beauty of a world map or a globe. When you look at them from a distance, you will enjoy their geometric beauty, and when you look at them closely, you also can enjoy geographic details printed in the high-resolution thanks to our special inks and high resolution printing.




Target customers:

Target customers include anyone with an interest in maps or puzzles.  Both children and adults will enjoy them.  Children will enjoy the 2D and 3D products whether they are in elementary or secondary school.  Adults will enjoy the map products, whether because of an interest in geography or international travel.  




About sales channels:

These products are distributed internationally only through the ALEXCIOUS e-commerce site below.





Advantages of the Geografia products:

The Geografia products are provided in the form of a kit.  They provide an opportunity to build the model or puzzle.  As an educational toy, children will have an opportunity to exercise their spatial skills working on the model or puzzle as they learn about geography.  With Pangaea products, you can experience continental movement theory in the form of a 2D puzzle.  Both adults and children will have fun with assembly and enjoy the final product for years to come.   Both products facilitate the learning of geography and spatial skill through building the map models.



 Interesting usage:

A variety of globes are available, featuring political boundaries, nighttime light density, cultural areas, and a model that can fold for travel on your luggage strap.  With so many different geographic points of view available, anyone can learn more about geography while assembling the globes and enjoy them for years to come.